Learning literally means knowledge acquired by studying. The years of a child in school are very critical for growth and development of an individual. We, at Springdale intend and strive to ignite this fire in the minds and hearts of our children right from an early stage and consequently move ahead on the path of enlightenment of the entire world through education which comprises a series of achievements and accomplishments each raising the individual to a higher level of awareness, understanding and kinship with everything around them. Springdale education, guided by the school’s vision, mission and values, was conceptualized by me and aims to prepare each student to be successful, engaged and informed citizens in the 21st century who are caring, knowledgeable, imaginative, innovative, hardworking and productive. To achieve that, we act on the principles of Education upholding the school motto, “Truth”…”Determination”…and “ Perseverance”, which are categorized into Head, Heart, Skills and Feet to better reflect the holistic development of each student in our care: Responsible, disciplined and dynamic learners (Head); Compassionate individuals with the passion to serve (Heart); Confident, adaptable and innovative individuals prepared for the challenges ahead (Skills); Resilient Citizens with Integrity (Feet).

Mrs. Shahnaz Ahmed (Founder & Managing Trustee)



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