"Today's children are tomorrow's future. They hold the future in their little hands,what we give them today is our tomorrow. Make sure everyone understands."

Springdale High School will be a learning institution that promotes innovation, academic excellence and intellectual curiosity. It will strive to create an environment where children will realise their potential. They will grow up to be emotionally tolerant and adaptable individuals.


Lets listen to the words of Abraham Lincoln:

"A child is a person who is going to carry out what you have started.

He is going to sit where you are sitting.

And when you are gone,

Attend to those things which you think are important.

You may adopt all the policies you please,

But how they are carried out depends on him.

He will assume control of your cities, states and nations.

He is going to move on and take over your churches, schools, universities and corporations....

The fate of humanity is in his hands"


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