About us

Since its establishment in 1991, Springdale High School has been growing step by step towards achieving new heights. Having being steady in its course, our school has been gradually evolving with the changing trends in Assam’s rapid development towards a modern state imbibing its rich history and vibrant culture. Our School ‘Springdale’ is a family of qualified teachers, an efficient Administrative staff, hardworking management team and bright students who bring our classrooms to life. In 2013 we were honored to announce the transition of Springdale High School from SEBA to a CBSE Affiliated (CBSE Affiliation no. 230127) school. We believe in guiding our teachers in educating, nurturing and imparting a kind of knowledge that goes far beyond the classroom studies and text books, a knowledge that defines our young children to grow into successful individuals. Our main aim is to teach ‘Springdalites’ to realize and take on their dreams… That dreams are achievable!


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Springdale High School
Cinnamara, Jorhat-785008, Assam, India
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